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Top to Bottom Ride 2019 Day 28

Gunnedah to Maitland

It was 0 degrees this morning when we left Gunnedah and both Frog and his Honda were feeling the cold. The bike has been getting progressively worse over the last few weeks with a lack of power possibly related to fuel pump issues, and it takes a while to warm up in the cold. Frog should have plenty of time after today to diagnose the issue.


First stop was Willow Tree for 2nd breakfast and coffee. Ham, cheese and tomato toasties all round at the Plains Pantry. One of Frog's mates Darrell from Teterin Engineering just happened to be travelling through Willow Tree at the same time we were there, he saw the ute and stopped to say hello.


We then passed through Muswellbrook with Frog only stopping for fuel. Next stop Singleton for the last coffee on the run as we count down the kilometres to the finish line. The last stop before going to the finish line at Mai-Wel was at the Caltex Service Station at Maitland to refuel and doesn't Frog look happy about that.


At Mai-Wel we were greeted by a group of employees as we arrived. A certificate was presented to Frog to recognise the contribution he has made in raising funds for the Mai-Wel Group.


From Mai-Wel we drove back to Frog's house where the Dmax was unloaded and the Honda parked in the shed.


This may be the last ride of this type for Frog and the Honda, although that is what I thought after the last one as well. We'll see what happens in 2021. Thanks for viewing our blog and I hope you enjoyed the ride.


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Top to Bottom Ride 2019 Day 27

Miles to Gunnedah

The caravan park we stayed in last night was beside the highway so we expected a bit of road noise. Overall it wasn't too bad through the night and it was busier early morning from 5am onwards. We were all impressed by the amenities block which was quite new.


We packed up camp before 7 this morning and headed for Mace's bakery for a breakfast of bacon and egg rolls and coffee. A very good breakfast indeed.


Goondiwindi was the fuel stop today, we arrived there around 11am so had an early lunch as well. Not long after we left Goondiwindi we crossed the border into NSW so we're getting closer to the end of our journey.


After Goondiwindi we went through Moree and then stopped at Narrabri and had afternoon tea at a bakery there. We also caught up with Geoff Smith who is the Airport Manager at Narrabri. From Narrabri we traveled to Boggabri and after that we decided that we could make it to Gunnedah before sunset. Frog battled against a headwind for much of the day so arriving at Gunnedah was a bit of a bonus.


Tomorrow we should complete our journey by arriving back in Maitland early afternoon. The final page of the blog should be completed on Wednesday after I arrive home in Sawtell.

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Top to Bottom Ride 2019 Day 26

Emerald to Miles

Started off about 6.30 this morning after a disrupted sleep last night. A Spanish backpacker in the cabin next door decided to have a party by himself after his mates had gone to bed and he started playing loud music around midnight. Once Frog realised what time it was he went out and asked politely that the backpacker consider others and keep the noise down. The backpacker actually turned off the music and went inside luckily for us. We could see the remnants of the party spread out across the next door balcony this morning.

Not far out of Emerald Frog had a close call with a roo. Frog had to brake hard when the roo burst out of the roadside growth suddenly and crossed the road. No harm done so we continued on.


Springsure was the coffee stop this morning, it took a while for us to realise there actually was a cafe open in town as there was very little movement around.


Next stop was Rolleston where it was very quiet as well. I suppose it is Sunday morning after all.


In between Rolleston and Injune there was a rest stop beside a river so we stopped there for a while. A road train going in the opposite direction stopped there as well and the driver came from Maitland and knew all about Mai Wel. Not long after we left the rest stop the lid off the small toolbox on the Honda fell off. Frog had only been saying 2 days ago that it wouldn't fall off in a million years. It turns out that he hadn't put the pin back in properly. We recovered the lid and some tools were still in the box but he lost some tools before he stopped about 5 kms down the road.


Next stop was Injune where we had lunch and Frog refueled the Honda. Not much else to report there.

Roma was the next stop where I refueled the Isuzu. We were aiming to get to Miles for the night so didn't hang around for long.

We had a rest stop near Fletcher and then arrived in Miles not much after 5.


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Top to Bottom Ride 2019 Day 25

Harveys Range Road to Emerald


We packed up camp and were on the road by 6.30 after spending the night on the roadside (or not far off it). It seemed like the road trains were coming straight through the tent during the night. Luckily there were less than 10 that passed by so we had plenty of sleep.


2nd breakfast was at Perry's Bakery Charters Towers with a quiche and coffee for me and meat pies and coffee for Rod and Frog. After breakfast we refueled the vehicles and headed towards Emerald where we hope to reach this afternoon.


Belyando Crossing was the next major stop where Frog refueled. The Roadhouse was short of 2 dollar coins so I managed to find 50 of them in the centre console of the ute and swapped them for a couple of 50 dollar notes. We had a quick lunch from our supplies in the fridge in the ute and, after chatting with some people from Brisbane who had seen us in Normanton, we kept on heading south.

Gregory Highway looking south:

We stopped for a short rest in Capella and continued on to Emerald arriving around 4.30 this afternoon. We're staying in a cabin in the Emerald Caravan Park tonight so there was no time spent setting up camp for us.


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Top to Bottom Ride 2019 Day 24

Mount Carbine to Harveys Range Road

We left Mount Carbine this morning around 6.45 in the direction of Charters Towers. After passing through Mount Molloy we stopped in Mareeba for breakfast as we had few supplies left in the ute.


Frog decided to press on ahead after breakfast while Rod & I did some grocery shopping. We bought the non essential items like bread, milk, cereal and bottled water and we forgot the beer. I don't know what we were thinking!

After our shopping episode we continued south from Mareeba thinking that we would catch up to Frog within the first hour or so. We drove through Atherton and then the mountain range below there and still no sign of Frog. At Ravenshoe I sent him a text asking him to tell us when and where he stops for his break and when he replied it turned out he was behind us. Apparently he had taken a wrong turn and even though he realised fairly quickly we had gone past him by the time he was back on the main road. Frog took a few photos of the wind farm near Atherton while Rod & I were forgetting the beer.


Mount Garnet was the next town and I refueled there as I wasn't sure what towns were ahead before Charters Towers. Frog had refueled at Ravenshoe and had some fuel in jerry cans as well.

Greenvale Roadhouse:

We also stopped at Greenvale Roadhouse for Frog to refuel and we all had ice creams. We then drove down the Gregory highway until Frog ran out of ride time for the day. The distance to Charters Towers was still around 100km so we camped for the night near the intersection of Harveys Range Rd and the Gregory Highway.


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